Meeting of the Board:

1. The managing trustee / chief administrative shall convene the meeting

2. The board shall transact any business that shall be specified in the agenda or otherwise agreed to by the board of trustees.

3. The board shall appoint a qualified charted accountant to audit the accounts of the trust, at the annual meeting for the subsequent year.

4. Two trustees of the board shall constitute the quorum

5. All decision shall be carried out by the majority decisions of the board, if any decision in writing signed by all the trustees shall be binding on the board of trustees.

6. The meeting of the board may invite others interested in the project of the trust to attend, the meetings of the board but they shall not be entitled to vote

General Points:

1. The investment of the funds of the trust shall be made in accordance with the provisions of section 11(5) read with section 13(1) (d) of the income tax act 1961.

2. Any amendment of the trust deed shall be carried out with the prior approval of the commissioner of income tax.

3. In the event of dissolution/winding up of the trust, the assets of the trust shall be disbursed to any other trust or society having similar objects and in no event they shall be appropriated either by the trustees or any one related to the trustees Mr. Francis Am Ae SI/ DAME.

4. It is hereby expressly declared that this trust is a Public charitable trust and the trust hereby declared and created is irrevocable.

5. The trust is run on Non profit motive basis and the benefit of the trust are open to all people irrespective of caste, religion, sex, race etc.,

6. The objects and activities if the trust shall be carried out not only in India as well as abroad, as per the requirement of the emergency situation in national calamities, like Earthquake and Tsunami.

7. The amendments if any made to the trust deed will not extend to alter the basic character/ object and no such amendment which may prove to be repugnant to the provision of section 2(15), 11,12,13, & 80G of the income tax Act 1961 shall be code.

8. The income and funds of the trust will be solely utilized towards the objects and non portion of it will be utilized for payment to the trustee by way of deposits, profit, Dividend, Interest etc.,

9. The trust has been carrying on its activities as an unregistered entity from April 1997.

10. At present Trust does not own any immovable Property other than the Trust fund and Trust is run on non-profit motive basis. In witness whereof the other of the trust as set his hand here and to this the 30th Dec-2014 at Bangalore by Mr. Francis Am Ae SI/ DAME.