The Siloam Christian Aid Mission shall undertake all type of charitable activities

(1) To promote the welfare of the mankind by performing works of charity, social service.

(2) To help in the education of poor students by providing schools, free boarding, lodging giving books, notebooks and paying the school fees etc.

(3) To help the orphans by providing shelter at orphanages and providing all necessary help for their economic up liftment.

(4) To render medical care to children and economically weaker section by providing free treatment and free medical

(5) To provide technical education program’s through full time and part time courses.

(6) To train the youth, the students and the women in the field of national reconstruction, energy development, environment protection, cleanliness, sanitation, children nutrition.

(7) To train and promote community development activities, self help programs by promoting the concept of self reliance and self-sportingly village.

(8) To implement the objective of the trust without any reference to caste, religion creed, of the beneficiaries.

(9) To provide, facilities and training to the boys and girls of weaker section and the people in their personal, social and family difficulties in respect of difficulties irrespective of religion, caste or community or social status.

(10) To institute support and promote adult education in villages through vocational and technical centers.

(11) To start and run primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools, college both academic and technical colleges industrial training institute, polytechnics, Industrial Factories and agencies.

(12) To start professional collages for engineering and medical and other professional courses.

(13) To run working women’s hostel.

(14) To commence old age home for uncared old people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.

(15) To start and providing oriented vocational courses like tailoring, typewriting, gem cutting, computer course and setting up of small scale industries to the needy entrepreneur .

(16) To promote the communities medias among the students.

(17) To support the student for higher studies and Technical education.

(18) To conduct, to sponsor, co-ordinate or subsidize research in all aspects of education.

(19) To establish and support facilities for sport recreation and organizing sports events.

(20) To serve as announcement and information center in the area of educational research.

(21) To approach public, national and international donor agents, states, central governments for financial help to implement the programmers of the trust.

(22) To get loans from the state and central government, nationalized and other banks financial companies and public to help the students education.

(23) To get income tax exemption for the funds received by the trust and also for the donor..

(24) To create awareness among the parents about the value of education.

(25) To help the students to get the welfare measures and subsidies from the states and center government.

(26) The trust shall do such lawful things and take up the activities as are incident and ancillary to the attainment of the object according to the signs of the time in the form of raising homes for uncared children, mentally retarded and ailing people.