Objectives & Activities


The Siloam Christian Aid Mission shall undertake all types of Charitable activities under the following three groups without any reference of Religion, caste, creed, races of the beneficiaries.

I- Already the following activities are in force.

  1. We promote the welfare activities for the poor and economically weaker section of the society by providing them necessary infrastructure for their upliftment and improving their standard of living.
  2. We also sponsor and support students for their higher education and technical education.
  3. Helping the poor students in educational sector by providing the school fees, free boarding and lodging. Supplying of Text books and Note books. Free medical treatment, supplying of school uniforms, school shoes, blankets etc.,
  4. Conducting free eye test camp at different centers.
  5. Conducting classes and providing training for entrepreneurs in setting up of own cottage industries at their village and towns.

II- We proposed to set up orphanage home and old age home with general medical facilities.

  1. Helping the abandoned orphans by providing shelters at orphanage home and providing necessary help for their economic upliftment.Admitting old aged uncared old people in the old age homes. General medical hospital and facilities to be provided to both orphans and old age persons at the home. General medical facilitates available on 24×7 hours basis regularly. An emergency ambulance van will be stationed at the centre always.
  2. Providing infrastructure facilities and conducting free training to the boys and girls of economically weakers section families. Irrespective of their religion, caste, creed and social status .
  3. Giving training and conducting seminars for the students. Youths and women in the field of National Reconstructions, scope and knowledge energy sector. Environmental protection in the line of developing   greeneries, sanitation and cleanliness and promote community development activities.

III- Proposed to start schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, old age homes and orphanage homes at different centers.

  1.  Proposed to start primary, middle and higher secondary schools at different centers. Also technical institution for giving vocational training. Polytechnics for conducting diploma courses in all fields.
  2. Proposed to start professional colleges in the field of civil, mechanical and electrical, electronic engineering with all related subjects including computer science.
  3. Proposed to start scientific and   modern medical college with all equipment and facilities in most professional manner. Also B.Sc Nursing college for economically women.
  4. We proposed to start full fledged modern hospital consisting of 100 beds also out patient facilities, including rehabilitation centre for cancer patients, diabetic care centers, eye surgery centre for the poor and economically weakers section families.
  5. We proposed to run working women’s hostel independently for poor and economically weaker section, close to their working places.
  6. We planned to commence old age home for uncared old people and orphanage home for abanded children at all main cities irrespective of their religion, caste, creed races etc.,