Powers of Trustee

Specific Powers of the managing trustee

1. The managing trustee Mr. Francis Am Ae SI/ DAME if and when so authorized by a resolution of the board, have power and authority for and on behalf of the board in respect of mortgages and charges to be created or and in connection with obtaining grants.

2. The managing trustee shall arranged for the maintenance of correct and proper accounts of the receipts and disbursements and of the liabilities incurred and of the assets acquired and place the accounts for audit every year and for this purpose the managing trustee / chief administrator shall appoint an independent auditor in consultation with the board.

3. Subject to limits contained in the budget sanctioned for the year, the managing trustee / chief administrator shall have full authority in applying the moneys allotted and provided, under each head for the purposes for which the same have been allotted in a manner which, in is discretion, is most advantageous for the institutions and establishments maintained and conducted by the trust.

4. The board of director shall have power to purchase from time to time such materials, stationery furniture etc. that may be necessary for the running the said institutions and establishments.

5. The managing trustee / chief administrator shall be the full-fledged executive authority of the board and empowered to act for and on behalf of the board and shall say the power and authority jointly and or independently.
(A). To carries out the resolution.
(B). To sign papers receipts and documents
(C). To pay money due to the trust and issue receipts for the money received
(D). To make, draw enforce accept sign, negotiate or transfer any cheque, promissory note hundies and bills of exchange, railway receipt, negotiable securities or other securities.
(E). To initiate, defends, compromise, refer to arbitration or abandon legal proceedings or disputes.
(F).To executes all documents on behalf of the boards
(G). To appoint Staff, Employees and servants for the purpose of running the trust and the institutions managed and administered by the trust, to fix their allowances and remuneration, to supervise their work, to take disciplinary action against them, to terminate their services and to appoint others in their place.
(H). To represent the trust before any central government, State Government and other Government undertaking Local authorities for all matters concerning the trust.
(I). Generally do all other acts and things necessary or incidental to the proper day-to-day management of the institutions and establishment maintained and/or conducted by the Trust.
(J). The managing trustee and other trustee shall reimburse themselves or pay off and get reimbursed out of trust funds in their hands All expenses property incurred by them in or about the execution of the trust and or in the discharge of the duties imposed on the under this trust that chargeable to the expenses of the trust including honorarium Travelling, Transport charges and other expenses incurred by the trust otherwise decided by the board of trust while carrying out of the objects of the trust. Accounts and Audit. The financial Year of the trust shall be from 1st April to 31st March of the following year expecting the current year in which case the financial year shall be from the date of commencement of the trust to the 31st March of the following year unless otherwise decided by the board.
(K). The accounts of the trust shall be annually audited by charted accountant appointed by the board of trustees and the audited statement of accounts shall be placed before the board for its approval within 6 months of the close of the financial year.


Powers of the Board of Trustees

A. The trust shall pay, spend or utilize the trust fund or such part thereof as they shall in the discretion decide exclusively for all of anyone or more object of the trust and not for purpose of profit, no part of the income or-corpus fund shall be employed for any objects or purpose other than those of the trust set out above.

B. The board of trustee shall receive any contribution in the nature of donation, contribution, offerings and gifts to carry out the objects of the trust.

C. It will be lawful for the board of trustees shall determine from time to time the amount it shall spent on the various objective of the trust.

D. The board shall have power to invent the corpus or the income of the trustee fund at their discretion in such investments as may be permitted under the income tax act.

E. The account will be done Independently / jointly by Founder & managing trustee Mr. Francis Am Ae SI/ DAME and with Chief Administrator/ trustee.

F. The managing trustee shall open bank accounts with any scheduled bank and the operation of the bank account will be done jointly or independently by the managing trustees Mr. Francis Am Ae SI/ DAME and K. KANNAN, chief administrator/Trustee.

G. The administration, discretion and management of properties of the trust and the institution maintain or run by the Trust hereby created shall, subject to supervision, control and direction of the board, be with the managing trustee and chief administrator.

H. The board of trustee shall acquire immovable property of any tenure anywhere in India with or without building and structure either by way of purchase, absolutely or by way of lease, exchanges. Fit or any other form of acquisition as well as to sell, lease or mortgauger at such rates, terms and conditions as the board of trustee may deem fit.

I. To construct such building or buildings and structure as may be necessary and from time to improve, alter extend or demolish the same or any part thereof and to equip the same with all such amenities and facilities Managing Trustee and chief Administrator to maintain to fund to meet the expenses to capital nature and to pay into such fund money at such times and in such amounts as the trustees may decide from time to time.

J. To establish and maintain a reserve fund of such amount as the board of trustees may think fit for the promotion of activities of the trust, including the maintenance and support of the diocese.

K. The Board shall have power to sell and dispose of any the properties of the trust and apply the proceeds of such sale for in connection with and or in furtherance of carrying out the objects of the trust or any institutions they may be established maintained or run by the trust.

L. The trustees shall have powers to accept contributions in money or in the shape of property either by way of addition to the trust funds generally or for any one or more of the specified objects of the trust and such contribution shall be dealt with either as capital or revenue according to direction, if any of the donor at the time of the gift and same shall be come under audit.

M. The board shall have power to call in or convert into cash the trust properties and release any or all of the securities and investment and to reinvest and or dispose proceed

N. The Board shall have power levy and fees or charges from students, apprentices or others benefiting from the instituting established, maintained or run by the trust and exempt from deserving students from payment of any such fees and charges that may be fixed by the board from time to time.

O. The board of trustees shall have power to apply for and obtain grants- in aid from the government or any other constituted authority or body or from any other agencies/ institutions, non – governmental organizations in foreign countries who may be interested in contributing to the trust and settle terms on which such grant may be obtained provided that acceptance of such donations and shall not be objectionable under any of the provisions of the income tax law assign force at the time of acceptance of such donations.

P. Any grants in – aid received shall be strictly applied for the purposes for which such grants may have been made Managing Trustee and chief administrator to do all such other lawful acts and deeds as are essential or conductive to the attainment of the objects of the trust.